Marije Rooze Code, Visualization & Storytelling




A bubble map which gives one an overview of the growth Europeana library has made through in the last years. In collaboration with Joris Pekel.

HTML, CSS and Javascript (including D3).

Interactive News Graphics

2013 - present

A page which shows interactive graphics from the New York Times and The Guardian. This page started initially as sideproject for my thesis. I did a complete code refactor during a code bootcamp and occasionly upload new projects.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Backbone, Handlebars and Node.js

Historical Controversies Now V2


Visualization of the pace of different spheres online in collaboration with the Digital Methods Initiative.

ActionScript 3.0.

Europeana Explorer


Mock-up version of a visualization regarding the Europeana project, design by Nathaly Pinto.

ActionScript 3.0 and Google Maps API

Graphical Primitives versus Direct Visualization


A research based on the theory of Lev Manovich regarding primitive and direct visualization with Dexter as case study.


New Media Theories


A visualization of the readings of the course New Media Theories at the Master New Media.

ActionScript 3.0 & XML

The Hero's Journey


A playful and visual exploration of the path of the hero.

ActionScript 3.0 & XML

1623 Days CMD


Visual representation of my time at Communication & Multimedia Design where I received my Bacholors in Information and Interaction Design.

ActionScript 3.0